5 Reasons Why LinearPhysics Should Provide your Linear Accelerator QA

Understaffing and overwork can lead to errors, which can compromise patient safety and accreditation.

We have a solution that allows your Medical Physicist to focus on their primary job: patient care. Here are the top five reason to choose LinearPhysics:


Assuring patient safety by performing annual quality testing is vital to any radiation program. Having a second party perform this important quality assurance is critical in gaining confidence in any radiation therapy department.

All of LinearPhysics’ work is reviewed internally by a second physicist before we deliver it to the clinical physicist for their review.  This cross-checking philosophy, along with our extensive experience, is an important part of our patient safety practice.


LinearPhysics stays up-to-date with the most recent state and accreditation standards. We have broad experience in implementing those standards.

Our physicists are certified by the American Board of Radiology, and utilize a comprehensive QA procedure, based on TG-142, TG-51, and other recommendations of the AAPM. Our combined years of clinical experience along with extensive knowledge of each machine makes us the best option for your annual QA needs.


LinearPhysics works on your schedule. We are available on weekends and evenings so that your accelerator can be used during normal hours to serve your first priority: your patients.

Your clinical physicist is involved during the entire annual QA process: before, during, and after.


When your use LinearPhysics for your annual quality assurance, you can rest assured that your accelerators are in the best hands in the business. QA and commissioning is what we do.

We are efficient, accurate and work within your budget. We do this work quickly and efficiently, so your clinical physicist can focus on patients, instead of having the stress of working long evenings and weekends.


LinearPhysics ensures accuracy by taking an extra step: we compare the measured annual data from your machine to our database of identical linacs, which helps us detect any previous setup errors or equipment faults.

This allows for an added level of confidence and peace-of-mind. We continually maintain our equipment, which is frequently calibrated to assure accuracy.


Our annual Quality Assurance is based on recommendation of the Task Group 142 of the American Association in Medicine (AAPM), which is a series of tests and measurements that are required by state regulations and accreditation bodies.  These tests and measurements assure that the linear accelerator has not deviated significantly from its baseline values acquired at the time of acceptance, commissioning, and beam modeling.

In addition, absolute calibration of each energy is performed based on AAPM’s TG-51 protocol, along with verification by an independent method (e.g., IROC OSLD or RDS TLD).

For more information and to find out how LinearPhysics can be your trusted partner, please contact us at (513)282-3039.