Linear Accelerator Commissioning

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Annual Quality Assurance

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Additional Physics Services

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Linear Accelerator Commissioning

LinearPhysics provides commissioning services tailored to specific client needs, freeing medical physicists to continue their clinical duties while still engaging with the commissioning process. Because of our wide ranging experience, LinearPhysics is flexible: Whether utilizing your scanning system and measuring equipment or providing our own, we are capable of working within any commissioning scenario and timeline.

All commissioning is performed by ABR board certified physicists. We offer measured data comparison against vendor reference data with clear, readable analysis. Communication is important to us. Accordingly, we make ourselves readily available to discuss results and answer any questions clients may have throughout, and after, commissioning.

Our commissioning services include all or a subset of the following:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Modeling
  • Model validation
  • TG-51 absolute dose calibration and OSLD exposure
  • End to end testing of imaging, planning and treatment delivery
  • Data Book

We can customize commissioning packages to fit your needs and budget.

Annual Linear Accelerator Quality Assurance

LinearPhysics offers Annual Quality Assurance testing that follows the recommended guideline set forth in AAPM’s Task Group 142, including independent absolute calibration based on AAPM’s TG-51. Clients receive a report along with copies of data and test summaries. If necessary, we can provide a scanning system and any associated measurement equipment.

Additional Physics

  • Beam data validation for Beam-Matched machines
  • IMRT and VMAT commissioning
  • Portal dosimetry commissioning
  • SRS MLC and cone based commissioning and validation
  • Total body irradiation commissioning
  • Total skin irradiation commissioning
  • Radiation shielding design and post-installation survey
  • Establishing baseline data for TG-142 daily, monthly and annual QA

Our services are based on recommendations of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, including reports such as:

  1. Task Group 51 report: Protocol for Clinical Reference Dosimetry of High-energy Photon and Electron beams
  2. Task Group 106 report: Accelerator Beam Data Commissioning Equipment and Procedures
  3. Task Group 142 report: Quality assurance of medical accelerators
  4. MPPG 5.a.: Commissioning and QA of Treatment Planning Dose Calculations — Megavoltage Photon and Electron Beams